Notes, Photos & Files

Note down your ideas and thoughts in Cling, add photos and files.
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Cling ensures all your content is easily created and always exactly where you expect to find it. Append the relevant context to your notes. Together with photos, files and bookmarks, you keep all your content in one place.

Perfect editor

Cling lets you make notes swiftly. And you'll get going quickly, as Cling is reduced to what's most important.


Create collages of your photos and share them. Expand your photo collections together.


Cling offers you as much storage as you need. Connect Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive to integrate external data seamlessly (coming soon).

Cling has a minimalistic, quick, convenient text-editor
Sample Home Improvement: Bedroom
Combine text, photos and files in Cling. Be more flexible.
Your context

In Cling you don't merely save texts, files, photos and bookmarks. Everything is easily linked to ensure everything remains in context. Let your ideas grow faster.

Your focus

Mark especially important content. This lets you gain an overview of key information with a single click.

Your archive

You don't need to delete content in order to keep boards tidy. Cling's archive lets you keep everything that might just come in handy someday.