Cling lets you manage your tasks just as easily as all your content.
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Capture your to-dos effortlessly and directly while working on your content. Best of all, you can easily add your notes, links and files to your tasks.

Know, what's important

You can mark important tasks and filter out irrelevant elements.

At the right time

Set due dates for critical tasks. Cling will remind so that you maintain a complete overview.


Assign tasks to other team members and work together on a board.

Cling App showing tasks, bookmarks and photos on a board
Flexible context

Link your tasks with texts, bookmarks, photos and files. Cling does not limit you.

Task overview

Only want to see your to-dos? Cling hides everything else with just one click.

Available everywhere

Plan your tasks at home, on the go or in the office. With Cling, you also have everything else that you need right there with you.