The best place for your notes

Enjoy working with notes, bookmarks, to-dos and files in one app.

Why Cling?

Work with all your content in one place. Cling is the best app for your notes, bookmarks, to-dos and files. With Cling you have your content at hand and stay on top.

Distraction-free writing

Cling is the perfect place for your notes. Note down your ideas and thoughts.

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Wonderful bookmarking

Cling does far more than merely store bookmarks. Work with your links – don’t simply manage them.

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To-dos you'll love

Note down tasks while working with your content. Enjoy managing work items without overhead.

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Seamless teamwork

Content, to-dos and communication in one place. Cling solves the problems of collaboration.

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Your desk in the cloud

Don't waste time using separate apps for notes, bookmarks, to-dos, photos and files. Cling is the one-stop shop for all your productivity needs.

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