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A single click is all it takes to place interesting links directly from your browser to the relevant board. Simply download the bookmark extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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Capture Links with the Cling Bookmark Button in Firefox and Google Chrome

Available everywhere

Use Cling at home, on the go, or at work. Never again lose time searching for bookmarks on your various devices. Cling is there for you whenever you need your bookmarks.

Your favourite links on mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer

Notes, photos, etc.

Your bookmarks can be more than mere links. In Cling you can combine them with your own notes, texts, photos, tasks and apps. Start to really work with your bookmarks rather than justs collecting them.

Combine bookmarks, notes, photos and files to add context.

Share everything – if you like

Cling lets you share your links (and all other content) at any time. Collect, append and interact with others in Cling. Develop your ideas together. Cling supports you and helps solve the everyday problems otherwise encountered during teamwork.

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